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Deb Slatkin is a graduate of Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY) with a background in graphic and industrial design. In 1986, she began work as a designer for a New York marketing and design firm specializing in corporate identity. She worked with a group who translated logos into three dimensional signage.


As she spent time in sign shops working with the fabricators, she became fascinated with the artisans who heated and formed glass tubing into intricate shapes and letters, and in 1988 decided to pursue glassbending and the art of neon.


She spent the next 6 years studying and learning the craft, and in 1994 opened Neonworks in Charlotte, NC. Neonworks is a shop dedicated to the practical and innovative applications of neon. Deb works directly with clients to collaborate and produce custom signage and creative installations.


Her unique design background and glassbending skills compel her to constantly seek out new opportunities for this exciting medium.

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